Who’s who at GLaWAC

 Board of Directors:

The Board is responsible for overseeing the running of GLaWAC on behalf of all members and make decisions about the running of the corporation. There is a minimum of six and maximum of ten Directors on the Board at any given time, with up to two independent or specialist non-member Directors appointed alongside Directors who are members of the corporation.

The current GLaWAC Board of Directors are:

Troy McDonald (Chair), Glenys Watts, Paula Morgan and Nick Johnson. Ewan Waller and Libby Dummett are Independent Directors.

The Board is seeking community members to participate in four Board subcommittees: Native Title and Cultural Heritage; Economic Development; Audit Risk and Finance; and Our Country. For further information please contact Kyla Di Fiore by email ea@glawac.com.au or phone (03) 5152 5100.

Management Team:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roger Fenwick 
  • Chief Operating Officer Marc Higgins
  • General Manager- On Country Daniel Miller 
  • General Manager- Culture Grattan Mullett 
  • Executive Assistant to CEO’s Office Kyla Di Fiore


Elders’ Council:

The Elders’ Council comprises Elders who are members of GLaWAC and appointed by the descendants of each identified Apical Ancestor. The Elders’ Council come together twice a year and provide critical cultural leadership to the organisation. The Elders will also be brought together for events and when cultural guidance is required. GLaWAC acknowledges the contribution of the current and our past Elders’ Council.

The current Elders’ Council members are:

Aunty Lena Morris (Chair), Aunty Beryl Booth, Aunty Charmaine Singleton, Aunty Deanna Campbell, Aunty Diann Hurren, Aunty Fay Voss, Aunty Glenda Thorpe, Aunty Glenys Watts, Aunty Gwen Atkinson, Aunty Gwendoline McGregor, Aunty Julie Mongta, Aunty Lee-Anne Eddington, Aunty Marg Donnelly, Aunty Maria Harrison, Aunty Marianne Atkinson, Aunty Marjorie Thorpe, Aunty Noretta Knight, Aunty Olive Stevens, Aunty Shirley Foster & Uncle Russell Mullett.