Natural Resource Management

Gunaikurnai Enterprise (GKE) is a Traditional Owner owned and operated enterprise that provides meaningful employment and training for Gunaikurnai people across Gippsland through learning, working, and caring for all aspects of Gunaikurnai land, waters, cultural heritage and environment.

Gunaikurnai Enterprise is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) which represents the rights and interests of the Gunaikurnai Traditional Owners of Gippsland. It works under the guidance of our community elected Board and Elders Council to protect our land, waters, culture and people, and promote our community aspirations.

We provide on-groundwork crews and cultural heritage experts who work independently, and with partners on a wide range of natural and cultural resource management projects from practical on-ground works through to traditional ecological knowledge gathering and cultural education activities.

Gunaikurnai Enterprise provides:

  • a central point of contact for clients,
  • a high-level of customer service and contract management expertise,
  • quality service provision, on time and value for money,
  • increased education, training and employment outcomes for Gunaikurnai people,
  • promotion of our partners’ support to our team and enterprise.